HINO Truck 300 Series 4×2


In 2001 Toyota Motor Corporation acquired a majority ownership of Hino Motors, Ltd., committing to a vision of global leadership
in the heavy- and medium-duty truck market achieved with regional manufacturing of superior performing trucks.

The Toyota Group’s commitment to continuous improvement and team development is why Hino Trucks is the fastest
growing medium-duty truck company in America. That commitment also explains why Toyota material handling trucks
are the best-selling vehicles in their class, and why the Toyota Tundra has earned such a reputation for toughness and durability.

The Toyota heritage of design excellence and superior engineering is reflected in every product in the Toyota Group lineup,
including Hino Trucks. All of this, along with our customer-first attitude and socially responsible approach,
makes us a dependable partner for your business.

Hino represents the Toyota Group in the global market for medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and buses. Hino uses the
Toyota Production System to achieve continuing gains in productivity and in quality throughout our operations. We have adapted
that system to our model line to offer customers the best-possible products at competitive prices.

While process is important, people are the key to the Hino/Toyota quality story. Our focus on training, along with the
work ethic of our manufacturing team, are responsible for our worldwide reputation for product excellence.

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